Mathematical Biology Seminar Abstract
Apr 16, 2014
Raj Gautam Dutta
University of Central Florida, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
12:00 pm in MSB 318

Model checking for validation of stochastic computational models in epidemiology

Emerging and re-emerging epidemic diseases pose a great threat to the global population. In the pursuit of understanding the evolutionary principles that underlie the emergence, spread and containment of infectious diseases, several complex computational models have been developed in the area of epidemiology. Identifying a model that can accurately forecast the outcome of a disease in various situations and determining the socioeconomic impact of an inaccurate decision is significantly important.

Formal methods have been used to validate the correctness of models in several high-assurance computing areas. We demonstrate the use of high-performance formal methods for the validation of stochastic epidemiological models. We recommend the use of a temporal-logic based probabilistic specification language to describe the expectations of an epidemiological model. The Bayesian SMC then determines the probability with which a given model satisfied the stated formal specification.