Mathematical Biology Seminar Abstract
Oct 5, 2018
Xiang-Sheng Wang
University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Department of Mathematics
3:00 pm in MSB 318 (Math Colloquium)

Asymptotic analysis of difference and differential equations with applications to special functions and mathematical biology

In this talk, we will present some interdisciplinary works collaborated with experts in the areas of special functions and mathematical biology. In each of the problems under consideration, we are studying some difference and/or differential equations with a large or small parameter. While the exact solutions of these equations are too complicated or (most likely) impossible to obtain, we hope to approximate the solutions in the sense that the errors are negligible when a certain parameter tends to infinity or zero. To achieve this, we need to apply some asymptotic techniques. Some key ideas in the development of asymptotic methods will be explained, though the detailed and complicated calculations will be omitted.