Mathematical Biology Seminar Abstract
Mar 19, 2019
Chinwendu Enyioha
University of Central Florida, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
10:30 am in MSB 318

Distributed control of spreading processes in general networks

Networks are everywhere and serve as the backbone for information flow, diseases, social contact etc. Given their primal nature, insight into controlling dynamical processes over networks is an important problem. Since control resources are typically limited, the problem of optimally allocating control resources to control or influence the epidemic process becomes of interest. Existing literature on this problem considered homogeneous networks, limited the discussion to undirected networks, and largely proposed network centrality-based allocation strategies. In practice, networks are directed and comprise heterogeneous nodes.

In this talk, I will present an epidemic spread model and consider the problem of minimum-cost allocation of resources to control the spread of an epidemic process on weighted, directed networks comprising heterogeneous nodes. The epidemic control problem is formulated as a Geometric Program (GP), for which we derive a convex characterization, that achieves an optimal solution. The talk will also include illustrations of results from our GP-based convex framework on real networks, as well as a comparison of our solution with network centrality-based strategies previously proposed in the literature.